my favorite spot on campus

Hi, Everyone!

During my first year at Naropa I had a Community class. My community group planted a Moongold Apricot Tree. It’s located next to a bunch of trash barrels on the Paramita campus. Our tree is not in a very pretty place, but I like to visit it regularly because it means a lot to me.

We needed to offer something to the community, so we thought that planting a tree was a good way to help the environment. It is also a symbol of fruition – we see the tree grow as our class keeps growing and evolving as well.

There is a Sungold apricot tree in the other side of the fence. Both will connect as they grow and cross-pollinate. We thought both trees were a symbol of connection between the outside community (Moongold outside the fence) and Naropa community (Sungold inside the fence). They are also a symbol of the merging of opposites, moon and sun, feminine and masculine, yin and yang.



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