Internship update

I have been very busy lately! We finished the Madres group. We start the group again in January, and we will focus on values. There is always a cultural component in this group because all the members are Latinas. My co-facilitator is from Colombia. The clients are normally from Mexico so it is a pretty interesting cultural mix.

I finish my training in SFBT this Wednesday, and I am going on vacation to Puerto Rico. Taking a break is also very important. Therapy is demanding and overwhelming. Self-care is essential.

I have additional clients: a new family and a new adult. I have noticed that one of the most prevailing themes that come up for woman in therapy is self image. I am considering creating a group to discuss self image issues. In the Contemplative Psychotherapy program we talk a lot about Maitri or loving kindness. Having compassion for oneself and others is one of the most important things for healing.

Society often pressures women with messages that we are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not good enough. If my clients have the opportunity to experience that they are intrinsically good, this will allow them to see themselves in a new, more open and friendly way.

The group experience would consist of a series of mindfulness exercises so they can be in touch with their bodies. I am curious and excited to see what comes up for them. Our bodies are an expression of our wisdom. Having a direct experience with our bodies helps us relate to our experiences in a courageous way. Making contact with our bodies can also trigger a lot of anxiety. I have to be aware of this and create a safe environment for my clients. I’m going to work on the curriculum for this group on my break.



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