Diane’s Internship update

This is my last semester and it is going really fast! I am taking on more clients. Because I was given a stipend to work mostly with the Spanish speaking population, I have not worked with individual English speaking clients yet. I asked for some English speakers this semester because I want to broaden my experience in my internship. I will be offering therapy to two English speaking children, and two teenage girls.

In addition to these clients, I am preparing a body image group in English and in Spanish, and a parenting group in Spanish. On top of all the work at my internship, I am starting to work on my Master’s paper topic. So far, the topic on my paper is about how one recognizes, accesses and develops the therapist’s and clients’ intuition in the fast-paced/goal-oriented environment of Mental Health agencies. I believe the contemplative education offered at Naropa University helps students slow down in the speedy society we are living in. It is easy to be pushed in all directions when our environment is fast paced and goal oriented if we are not grounded. Contemplative education helps therapists become more in sync with client’s need. Slowing down helps us access our intuition which allows therapy to be guided by our most reliable knowledge, our inner wisdom.

Your support helps Naropa educate therapists like me. Please consider making a gift to Naropa now.



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