Bead for Life

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I went M.I.A for a while. At the moment my thesis is at a stand still. My doctor has put me on strict bed rest for the next week. I have some weird stomach flu and it is not very fun. Writing to all of you is about all I can do right now. What I can say about my research on women in social justice is the common thread the women all seem to have. It was in the formative years that they began to realize the importance for the elevating the voice of the voiceless ones. Each and every one of the women understand the interconnection of all issues. Race, class, and gender, it’s all interconnected. They can not be separated.

I do not know how many folks out there are aware of an organization called “Bead for Life”. Their mission statement:

“Bead For Life creates sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.”

I volunteer at BFL once a week. I also interviewed Torkin Wakefield, she is one of the founders. She has been involved in social activism since her college years! Please go the website  There are some wonderful stories about the Ugandan women involved in the BFL family. You can also read about how YOU can get be involved. I hope you enjoy the stories. The stories will pull at you heart strings so be ready! Hope to be vertical soon! Til then take care!



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