Pastor Heidi McGuinness

Hello everyone! I am nearing the completion of my thesis.  One of the things I have been struggling with is sharing my story of why it is that social justice work is so vital to my everyday life.

Pastor Heidi McGuinness is a modern day abolitionist in the South Sudan… the first time I met with her I immediately felt a connection to her and one of the first things she did was look deeply into my eyes and say, “You know I think that you have something to share about your life and the trauma you have experienced…. your story needs to be heard too.”

Since then her words have been in my mind and now three weeks before my thesis is due I have to include my story as well. The hardest thing is to look into the past and be brave enough to reopen old wounds to share with the world the pain and struggle of an immigrant and also to admit that I am a survivor of child abuse. My hope in sharing this reality is that a young person who may be living with this kind of abuse will read my thesis and feel a sense of connection and feel a sense of hope that despite the negative verbal/physical assaults there is light at the end of the tunnel. They will feel that one day they too will go to university and make something of themselves. It is through the shared suffering that we can heal and it is also the triumphs as well that humanity can connect. Simply said it is all for love that I do the work that I do. It may seem cheesy but for me it is how I survived years of trauma and abuse. Love is how I was able to forgive….

I feel incredibly blessed to have met such a beautiful person such as Pastor Heidi. We still speak and she gives me so much love and support. She is a very busy women but she gives and gives, it is so amazing. Please check out this story on youtube. It is her work in the South Sudan. I feel a great responsibility to the South Sudanese people to get their stories out as well.

Bows and blessings,



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